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The UW Health American Family Children’s Hospital was recognized in an ASHE (American Society of Healthcare Engineering) article about four hospitals and how they are saving energy.  This hospital also received the Energy to Care Award from ASHE.  Sustainable Engineering Group provided retro-commissioning services for the UW Health American Family Children’s Hospital.  Here is some of the information about the UW Health American Family Children’s Hospital from the ASHE article:

Energy objectives:

• Transform the culture at UW Health to prioritize energy reduction and environmental sustainability

• Make sustainability the foundation of future decision-making processes

• Once a shift in culture is established, work to define specific targets for energy reduction


• UW Health’s newly formed Environmental Sustainability Committee sought an investment-grade energy audit, presented their findings to the hospital’s executive council, and received funding for measures with a conservatively defined return on investment of two years.

• UW Health then performed the first phase of retro-commissioning projects using incentive dollars secured through Focus on Energy. They secured $330,000 for these projects in 2013, 2014, and 2015.

• UW Health also focused on ground-level solutions. The Environmental Sustainability Committee empowered employees through the creation of subcommittees, such as energy and water, waste, and outreach. These teams looked at energy-saving measures that could be implemented at little to no cost, such as reuse and recycling.


• UW Health saved $486,124, with a projected 0.9-year payback a year after the formation of the Environmental Sustainability Committee and after the completion of their phase one retro-commissioning project. The energy impact is equal to taking 903 passenger vehicles off of the road, or 391 homes’ energy use for one year.

• UW Health received national recognition from ASHE, as a recipient of the Energy to Care award, which led to greater recognition and support from leadership.