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On August 12, 2016 Graham Linn gave a presentation at the ASHRAE-IBPSA Energy Modeling Conference (SimBuild 2016) in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Graham’s presentation “Frit for Glare Control?” shared some interesting lessons learned in the design of a Middle School Library space.  SEG helped the design team find an effective and cost competitive design to minimize glare in a beautiful two story library space.  (pictures below)

lib1 lib2

The following abstract summarizes the presentation:

“Fritted glass is often used to control the penetration of direct light into a space and thereby reduce glare.  This design choice is frequently made without analysis of the actual performance of the glass frit.  With modern building simulation tools (LBNL’s WINDOW 6 and EnergyPlus), building professionals can now model the effect of glass fritting on glare reduction in a space.  The aforementioned tools were used to test several window/frit combinations and glare control alternatives.  Results of this study suggest that while fritting provides aesthetic value it is not the most effective approach to glare reduction.”