UW Health’s Digestive Health Center


Sustainable Engineering Group performed a retro-commissioning project at UW Health’s Digestive Health Clinic (DHC) during the fall of 2015 through the spring of 2016. The DHC was seen as a promising candidate for retro-commissioning, as it had high utility cost compared to similar medical office buildings ($3.68/ft2 vs. $2.09/ft2).  A preliminary energy audit identified low-cost energy conservation measures that would qualify for Focus on Energy retro-commissioning incentives.  SEG recognized that many of the spaces in the Digestive Health Clinic were designed to a strict building standard not required by Wisconsin code. The standard forced excessive equipment operation, and was a large reason why the building’s energy use had been so high.

During the implementation process, Sustainable Engineering Group optimized energy performance of rooftop units, energy recovery units, and VAV boxes by adjusting equipment set points and creating occupancy schedules. Incremental alterations ensured that occupant satisfaction was maintained. Variable frequency drives were installed on equipment to allow for power reduction during low-load times of the day.

Immediate improvements were seen, with an overall energy reduction of roughly 20% when compared to the previous two years. Nearly 100% of the audit and implementation fees were covered by the Focus on Energy program, and UW Health expects to see a 0.6 year simple payback after incentives are considered.

  • Focus on Energy Incentives


CLIENT: UW Hospitals and Clinics
SQUARE FOOTAGE: 67,000 + 17,000 parking garage