Life at SEG

Mike, SEG engineer, welcoming RENEW riders to the SEG net-zero energy office

Sustainable Engineering Group offers employees an annual match toward their charitable donations. Employees are encouraged to bike or use alternative methods of transportation to get to/from work to earn dollars for a charity of their choice. Employees’ contribution recipients have included Community Shares of WisconsinLeukemia & Lymphoma Society and West African Medical Missions. SEG also won the Bike Commuter Challenge for the third year in a row, with 100% participation from employees, which is held between 19 firms and awarded to the firm with the most logged miles per total number of employees.

Few businesses or organizations can truly call themselves 100% sustainable. Many, however, are well on their way to sustainability as a result of incorporating the following ideals into their business operations:

  • Make sustainability a priority for the operation of the business
  • Consider sustainability in purchasing decisions
  • Promote activities that translate into sustainable lifestyles for staff

Here at SEG we practice these ideals in our own business as we create a working environment that fosters the sustainability mindset. We also want to work with prospective clients who buy into that sustainable business model to become a pillar of transformational change.